"I have been wearing glasses for nearly 50 years and have had new prescriptions nearly as many times as years. This year Linda recommended I try the newest technology, 'digital' lenses. She said I have never seen as clearly as I would with them. I was dubious but decided to try them since Linda has always been honest with me. I picked them up this afternoon and I am ecstatic! They are Physio 360 - 1.6 and utterly fantastic. My world has suddenly become High Definition! I made my living with my eyes for 34 years as a printer and wish I'd had these when I was in the trade. I can only compare it to going from a 25 year old CRT TV with rabbit ears to a new LCD with HDTV. Thanks Linda, and everyone else in the clinic, you have set the bar very high for anyone else to impress me!"


"Deer Valley Vision (who recently relocated across the street to a more cozier building) have provided me great service over the years. The reception ladies are friendly and always fun to joke around with. The eye exams are quick and their selection of glasses always looked great on me, considering I have a large head and most frames looked small. The process of claiming vision care and benefits were a relatively painless process with them too. Also, they are open late Tuesdays and Thursdays."


My overall experience was excellent. Dr. Burt and his staff were very helpful. I recently was advised I needed glasses, Marg assisted me in picking the perfect frames and I'm very happy. I would recomend Deer Valley Vision Center to friends and family.


My experience with all the staff was exceptional. Everyone I spoke to was very helpful and knowledgeable. Dr Burt was easy to talk to and took the time to answer all my questions. Thank you very much.

Lisa Leitner,